the romantic escape, VENICE

Memories of Chicago
City on my palms ... holding the view and enjoying the scenery by the waterfront 
Adventure in Malappuram
Travel trail from Malappuram to Coimbatore in India
Flight into Alor Setar (Malaysia)
Landing at the historic town and absorbing the scent and sound
Bubbles in New York
The child in me all awake and dancing with the bubbles in New York 
My holy climb
As I walk under the canopy and climb through the rocks to reach the St Thomas Church up on Kurisumudy Hill in Kerala, India 
The rush of the gush
Soaking in the fury of nature at the epicenter of the falls
Relaxing in Rome
Cobblestone path with stories buried from many centuries and foot prints of many more to come  
Grapes, wine and dine
On my journey behind the wine and discovery of the gold class icewine of Canada
The tastes of Florence
Meat, dried tomatoes and cheese that form the foundation of the menu here 
Artwork of nature
The micro views of my journey into the artwork of nature the amazing patterns in Dubai
Droplets glistening in the sunshine and welcoming the bees to its honey powerhouse while we stroll on the walkways in search of our breakfast!
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