My "team" consists of only 3 persons ... me, myself and I. There is no confusion over who is doing the job!
The "engine" inside me


I am a Chemical Engineer (batch of 1990 University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) who started my career in the polymer industry, growing from being a Project Engineer to General Manager followed by a short stint of doing my own business and then joining the shipping industry by a few unplanned turn of events. Currently working as General Manager in the IAL Group ( Head Office in Dubai.


My blood group is “O Photography” … I enjoy every photography adventure that I take with family, friends and sometimes alone. In all these adventures, the camera in my hands generating memorable photographs brings immense satisfaction to me.

The man called Ravi

I was born in a rubber plantation home under the supervision of my nanny as the “gynecologist” of the day! And my birth certificate was issued by the Kluang District Police Station since it was a birth in a non-medical facility! It must have been a challenging start for my parents.

My genetic code


My genetic code originated from the of Malabar, Northern Kerala through my grandparents. They are said to have come from Thallaserry and Edapal. They were my only links to Kerala. In the following generations, we have lost the essential links to our homeland and to our living relatives there.

Our traditions, meals and way of life has gone through the natural "evolution" to reach where they are today. I am now searching for my roots with the hope that one day I would find some traces of my grandparents steps in India. While civilisations come and go along centuries, our roots have disappeared within 3 generations!


My journeys


I have travelled to many parts of the world and have been to India more than 60 times. My photo equipment has seen many parts of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and a small part of Africa … I am yet to make inroads into Russia and the greater parts of Africa … while I would love to see Antarctica sometime in the coming years.