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Let us take a walk through my memory lane. Let me start by showing you the scenes from Jaipur (India), followed by the streets of Gandhidham (Gujerat, India) on to the old city of Kolkata. We can then fly to New York, see the NASA space shuttle and then immerse in the mist of Niagara Falls.


Walking on the cobblestone paths of Rome and seeing the splendour of Italian history was awesome. Sometimes I just enjoy capturing the food and it tells a long story of the place. Of course I do not miss the chance to go closer, deeper and and get personal with flowers and bees.

ravindran raghavan



This city (the first planned city of India?) had the royal splendour. I enjoyed the elephant ride uphill to Amber Fort , Hawa Mahal and the market place. T


Not to miss the lassi (yoghurt drink) at the Lassiwala on MI Road which is simply smooth and tasty.


Cows are sacred in this city and it roams on streets competing with vehicles! This city was created in 1950s for restettlement of people form the Sindh province when India was partitioned. It was completely devastated by the earthquake in 2001.


Don't miss the roadside paani poori and the vast salt lakes.


I love Kolkata for its rustic atmosphere with old book shops, Chinese restaurants and also the hyped Park Street with a good number of bars.


I enjoyed walking on the streets and enjoying tea (superb tea available here) and various hot snacks. 


Some call this town Cochin (the British name). This is my favourite stop in India.I have been here more than 25 times but still yearn for more visits.

Don't miss the toddy shop food. Excellent taste, simple and clean. My choices are the ones tucked away in plantations. Try the palm toddy as well.

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Niagara Falls

Simply awesome. get the mist on your face by the boat ride and then get soaked behind the falls. The force of water is so powerful and therapeutic.

Icewine here is great. Go for a walk by the falls. Cross from Canada to USA. Take a room facing the falls and have wine while watching sunset!

New York

If you have not seen New York, you have not seen the centre of the world (my opinion). Bustling city and yet I felt home with my own privacy. Everyone seemed like a visitor.


The breakfast at Applebee's is certainly on my do-list if I visit again. Stay near Times Square if you want to feel the energy of the city.

Macro perspective

As you go closer you find the artwork of nature. Insects and butterflies look intricately beautiful at closeup.

It's tough to catch the right exposure and depth-of-field, but the few that turns out well showcases the master-work of nature.

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I enjoy food-tasting and food-hunting. With that hobby I can travel anywhere and eat anything that looks good.

Food connects me to the people of the place and the chemistry of their culture. 


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