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Dreaming since


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Hands on since


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My dad was an amateur photographer using his Diana-F, black and white Japanese film camera. That camera went a long way ... capturing me in my pram [1965] to simple hunting trips with dad [1970] and many more shots that helped retain memories from my childhood.

My dreams of holding the camera on my own came true when he gave it to me for my Primary 6 farewell party day [1978] ... and I had a whale of a time though I was using the most ancient model in my class.

I bought my own gear, Yashica FX3, my first SLR by 1992.


100mm film format, single use flash bulb

1978 - Diana F

Cartridge film, single use flash cube

1981 - Kodak Instamatic

Compact, 35mm film, built in flash

1985 - Yashica MF-2

1992 - Yaschica FX3 2000

SLR, 35mm, external flash

1994 - Minolta Dynax 3xi

SLR, 35mm, semi automatic, built in flash

SLR, 35mm, semi automatic, built in flash

1997 - Yaschica 108i

Available in my archive

1998 - Canon EOS50D

SLR, 35mm, built in flash

Available in my archive

Digital camera, 1.44" floppy disk

2000 - Sony Mavica Digital

Compact, digital camera

2002 - Panasonic Lumix

Digital SLR

2005 - Canon EOS40D

Available in my archive


2017 - Nikon D810

Full format digital SLR


Sony HX400V ... really good optical zoom

Nikon 750D ... very user friendly and looking forward to adding the Nikon 810D to my collection!

Sony HX200V ... nice and handy for a holiday

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