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Ravindran Raghavan

Travel photographer, Author

ravindran raghavan


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The "engine" inside me


Chemical Engineer (University of Malaya, 1990) specialising in polymer processing. Currently working as General Manager with Smart Box Industries (a modular construction company) in Dubai.


My journeys

My journeys have taken me to 189 cities in the world covering 23 countries that include:

  • the modern cities in East-West USA, Canada, most of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai (UAE)

  • as well as to the rustic villages of North-South-Central India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Oman and Sudan

  • the traditional sights of Thailand, Philippines, China, Japan and Korea

  • along with the artistic hideouts in France, Belgium, Holland

  • and the charming United Kingdom. 

I am dreaming of making inroads into Russia, the greater parts of Africa and Antarctica sometime in the coming years.


Camera and lenses used by ravi311

1970 - dad used his Diana-F, black and white Japanese film camera to capture many shots that helped retain memories from my childhood.

1978 - I used the camera on my own to photograph my Primary 6 farewell party and I had a whale of a time, though I was using the most ancient model in my class.

Since then - I have progressed through my dad's Kodak Instamatic and Yaschica MF2, followed by my own Yashica FX3 (1992) my first SLR then Minolta Dynax 3xi, Yaschica 108i, Canon EOS50 film (1998), Sony Mavica (first digital model), and Panasonic Lumix digital.

2020 - my gears today include a Nikon D750 SLR (with portrait/macro lenses), Canon EOS40D (with a 600mm zoom), Sony HX400V (superzoom), Sony HX200V (walkaround camera), and a GoPro8 (action camera)

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