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Ravindran Raghavan is an author with several books published on Amazon (UK, USA, Japan, France, Denmark, and Belgium), Pothi's (India), Flipkart (India) and print copies were also sold in Malaysia and Singapore.

A journey in 1902 that disconnected the roots of my ancestors but gave me a "positively twisted" future.


This is a historical biography about the journey of my grandparents, who migrated to the rubber plantations in British Malaya from their home in Malabar (then British India).


As history unfolds ...Konda left his home in Edapal, and Parvathy walked with her brother to catch the bus at Thallaserry; both did not expect that to be their final journey out of Malabar ... never to see their siblings, momma, papa, sweetheart or their pet dog ever again!

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